Events this weekend

The team are squeezing TWO tourneys in on Saturday.  Richard Parry, Zeke, Thelvin, Gareth & Josh are fighting in Te Awamutu with Sempai Kevin Mayber.   Then it’s a quick road trip down to Wanganui to watch Jamie have a rematch against Richard Hood on Saturday night.  Best of luck to all the boys!

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Kiwis at the 100 man

Just sharing some pics!  Nice to see our friend Jayson ‘Supercharge’ Vemoa (who has the best life ever!) and our own Sensei Paul Kleer at the 100 man kumite on Sunday.  As well as a few other superstars!  Sensei Paul was fight number 23!  That’s Emil ‘Iron Fist’ Kostov between Jayson & Paul (fight 93… [...]

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100 Man Kumite – Artur Hovhannisian

Congratulations to Shihan Artur for completing the 100 man kumite yesterday!   Only the very strongest fighters are given permission to even attempt the 100 man kumite.  The last one was Brazil’s Francisco Filho (also World Champion) about 10 years ago!  Jayson Vemoa (K1 coach to the Team Ichigeki) participated.   He called it “one of [...]

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Strength for Sport

Here’s a link  I know some of our instructors will love…

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Sports Psychology Guidelines for Sports Parents

Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.
Sports parents have a big impact on their young superstars. A healthy and successful sports experience will depend on sports [...]

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