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Sponsor a Mat!

As you may be aware the dojo is sporting some lovely new jigsaw mats as a result of funding received from NZCT, bless them! 

Many of you are also aware we wanted more mats than were covered for by funding 1. so we could make use of the excess space in the dojo and 2. so we can provide two fully matted junior sized rings when we run off-site tournaments.  Being fussypants we went ahead and  purchased the whole lot because there are incredible diffences in colour between batches so we wanted the same batch.  The result was about a $3500 shortfall (not all the mats are even out of the boxes yet!)

Someone had the good idea dojo members/supporters may wish to sponsor a mat i.e. own your own little piece of dojo real estate!  So far we’ve had nine mats sponsored at $85/mat which is absolutely fabulous and certainly helps the finances! 

By request, here is the dojo account details for anybody else who fancies the idea: 

Westpac Cuba Street
Mt Victoria Kyokushin Karate Dojo Inc.
030510 0787595 00

Alternatively you can pay Chris using any one of our flexible payment options at the club… beware you might get a hug!

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