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BIG News! Mt Vic Dojo is on the move again!!!

While we’ve enjoyed the last 12 months disporting ourselves in what amounts to almost 600sqm of dojo, Chris and I have been very aware this is wholly unsustainable.

Since our printer repair business downsized at the beginning of this year we have only stayed at Home Street because we were committed to the lease until Jan 2010. (So that’s why we did a quick backtrack on Zumu!) It has also taken TEN months of searching and negotiating to find a new premises and partnership that offers a fabulous home for students, instructors and parents to enjoy for at least another 10 years!

When the dojo reopens after Christmas we will be operating out of the Scottish Athletics Clubhouse at Prince of Wales Park in Mt Cook (Salisbury Tce off Wright Street).


There are very few sport facilities on the town belt and they are extremely tightly held. In the new year Scottish will celebrate 95 years, almost 50 of those at Prince of Wales Park!

Both Sport Wellington and the Wellington City Council helped us to achieve an agreement to enjoy virtually exclusive use of the clubhouse for 10 years at a level of rent the club can sustain. We are extremely grateful and encouraged by their assistance.  It’s apparent Mt Vic Dojo has earned a reputation in the sector as an innovative and progressive club delivering a valuable community service.  This is a wonderful reflection on our instructors, high grades and all the people who volunteer their time and support.  We are very happy this effort has earned us an association with Scottish, who not only have a long and impressive history, but who 95 years on, are still being innovative and attracting good growth.

About the new premises

The new premises offer members TWO training areas that are slightly separated for better useability (less distractions for the kids).  One area will be purpose fitted for fight training with a suspended floor, wall to wall mats and ALL our bags (some of which are currently in storage).   Fighters will LOVE it and it will be ideal for circuit training!  There will be massive changing/shower rooms which are being completely refit between now and March.  There is also a large, sunny sitting area and kitchen upstairs for the parents to enjoy while watching their kids.

We won’t have a dedicated weights area!  Useage of the weights area has never justified the ’real estate’ the machines occupy.  Also, increasingly, our trainers can offer enough variety using free weights, kettle bells, the long rope, med balls, swiss balls, hanging bars etc to satisfy the resistance training needs of even our top performers.

We’ll be painting, decorating, installing better lighting and otherwise stamping our mark on the place over the Christmas holidays (volunteers?).

Being on the town belt we are particularly pleased to be able to offer more carparking than we would have achieved in the central city, and the park and sunny glen will no doubt become a third training/waiting/social space in the summer time!



Name us!

Our biggest concern now is… WE’RE NAMED MT VIC DOJO!!! Doh! MVD t-shirts suddenly became collectors items!!!!

We have a number of ideas for a new name but it would mean a lot to us if our members/supporters/community choose a name that they want to wear on t-shirts, see on the web and emblazoned on the building!

PLEASE fill in our survey to indicate your preferred name from the short list… or give us another suggestion! We’d also appreciate your initial reaction to the news!!!

Watch this space for more info! We have invited both GSW and Budokan Judo to come with us but obviously this move represents a big change that might not suit GSW in particular. GSW offers fewer but HUGE classes. We are waiting to hear if this is the end of a beautiful relationship (put the fees up and come with us!). Regardless what the change looks like in the end, we will try to do something meaningful to farewell the old at the year end and celebrate the new after Christmas!  Watch this space!

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